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Write For You
Alpine, Ca
Mary Hay Davis
Newsletters, corporate communications, e-zines
Website: www.maryhaydavis.com
Email: writeforyou@cox.net


Eric Fairbanks, Advertising Copywriter
Cardiff, CA
P: 760-721-6265   
Eric Fairbanks
Advertising copywriting, marketing communications, SEO writing, advertorial writing, marketing collateral, editorial articles, blogging, radio and audio/visual scripts, web content, press releases, product reviews, online marketing, interviews
Website: www.linkedin.com/in/ericfairbanks


230 Birmingham Drive, Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA 92007
P: 760-783-2020   
Keith White, Managing Partner
Blog creation and management
Website: www.parkerwhite.com
Email: life@parkerwhite.com
Writers Way
Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA 92007
P: 858-350-5235   F: 760-635-7839
Andrea Susan Glass
E-zines, blogs, web content
Website: www.writersway.com


AliceB Edits
Carlsbad, CA
P: 760-721-6327   
Alice Brzovic
Newsletters and blogs
Website: www.alicebedits.com
Email: alice@alicebedits.com
Andy Vaughn Marketing
7668 El Camino Real, Suite 104-132, Carlsbad, CA 92009
P: 760-807-5289   
Andrea Hull-Vaughn
Specializing in social media marketing for shopping centers
Website: www.andyvaughnsocialmediamarketing.com
Email: andyvaughnmarketing@gmail.com
Geldner Group
Box 131711, Carlsbad, CA 92013
P: 760-566-6620   
Tom Geldner, Principal
Full-service marketing and business development agency
Website: www.geldner.com
Email: info@geldner.com
Response FX
2216 Corte Cicuta, Carlsbad, CA 92009
P: 760-479-0012   
Karen Marchetti, Chief Response Officer
E-newsletters, WordPress blogs, WordPress training
Website: www.responsefx.com
Email: services@responsefx.com
Start Ranking Now
1902 Wright Place, Suite 200, Carlsbad, CA 92008
P: 760-494-7883   
Nicole Munoz, Owner
Internet marketing, social media, email marketing, SEO, blog writing
Website: www.startrankingnow.com
Email: info@startrankingnow.com

Chula Vista

Modern Publicity
13470 Callejon Palacios, #63, Chula Vista, CA 91910
P: 619-994-7696   
Paul O'Sullivan, President
Copywriting for bloggers and social media
Website: www.osullivaninternacional.com
Email: getyourmessageout@gmail.com


Write Ideas Marketing Communications
965 Hygeia Avenue, Encinitas, CA 92024
P: 619-884-4668   
Jeanne Bellezzo
Marketing collateral, advertising, direct response, press releases, web content and blogs, email campaigns
Website: www.writeideas.biz
Email: jeanne@writeideas.biz


Heidi Clevenger Editorial Solutions
1334 Scenic Drive, Escondido, CA 92029
P: 760-489-6522   F: 760-487-0414
Heidi Clevenger
Newsletter and ghost writing
Email: heidiedits@cox.net

La Jolla

CIM Incorporated
8677 Villa La Jolla Drive, Box 1105, La Jolla, CA 92037
P: 858-467-7990   
Marisa Vallbona
Newsletters, website, feature, blogs
Website: www.cimincorporated.com
Email: marisa@cimincorporated.com
Cosmetic Social Media
La Jolla, CA 92037
P: 877-401-5485   
Monique Ramsey
Marketing services for medical practices
Website: www.cosmeticsocialmedia.com
Email: monique@cosmeticsocialmedia.com

La Mesa

Rick Griffin Public Relations
7777 Alvarado Road, Suite 288, La Mesa, CA 91941
P: 619-461-3104   F: 619-461-3151
Rick Griffin
Newsletter and technical writing
Website: www.rickgriffin.com
Email: rickg@rickgriffin.com

San Diego

Adrienne Moch Writing & Editing
7709 Hazard Center Drive, San Diego, CA 92108
P: 619-291-4645   F: 619-243-1488
Adrienne Moch
Newsletters, marketing collateral
Website: www.adriennemoch.com
Email: adrienne@adriennemoch.com
Barbara Howington Copywriting & Editing
7729 Hazard Center Drive, San Diego, CA 92108
P: 619-838-6267   
Barbara Howington
Advertising, brochures, web content, email campaigns, corporate communications, direct mail, newsletters
Website: www.wordtoyourmarket.com
Email: barbarah@wordtoyourmarket.com
BB Marketing Solutions
11956 Bernardo Plaza Drive, #259, San Diego, CA 92128
P: 858-451-8224   
Beverly Bergman, Queen of Copywriting
Highly targeted direct response copywriting and marketing services for small-to-medium sized businesses and speakers in financial services and coaching industries
Website: www.beverlybergman.com
Email: info@bbmarketingsolutions.com
Bill Butler
Box 34100, San Diego, CA 92163
P: 619-296-0210   F: 619-296-0210
Bill Butler
Newsletters, direct mail,marketing communications
Website: www.freelancewriterwanted.com
Email: bill@freelancewriterwanted.com
Ceatus Media Group
4141 Jutland Drive, Suite 215, San Diego, CA 92117
P: 858-454-5505   F: 858-454-5668
David Evans, CEO
Strategic Internet marketing solutions for the medical and healthcare industries
Website: www.ceatus.com
Email: devans@ceatus.com
Command Control Media
1231 Pennsylvania Avenue, No. 7, San Diego, CA 92103
P: 619-517-3793   
Grant Goad, Writer/Producer
Specializing in ideation, creative copywriting and video production, with strong basis in marketing fundamentals and SEO
Website: www.commandcontrolmedia.com
Email: grant@commandcontrolmedia.com
Egg Marketing and Communications
San Diego, CA
P: 619-729-2089   
Susan Payton, President
Copywriting, article and blog writing
Website: www.eggmarketingpr.com
Ghostwriter Needed
San Diego, CA
P: 858-205-7595   
Helen Chang
Books, workbooks, e-books, web sites, newsletters, blogs, videos
Website: www.ghostwriter-needed.com
Hilary Achauer
San Diego, CA
P: 619-218-1587   
Hilary Achauer
Website: www.hilaryachauer.com
Email: hilaryachauer@yahoo.com
7710 Balboa Avenue, Suite 218-C, San Diego, CA 92111
P: 858-736-9552   
Andrew Ault, Principal
Website content development, copywriting, ghost writing, newsletters, direct response
Website: www.inktome.com
Email: andrew@inktome.com
Liz Writes
San Diego, CA
P: 619-857-4313   
Liz Morrison
Newsletter articles, magazine and newspaper articles
Website: www.lizwriters.com
Email: liz@lizwrites.com
Merrill Marketing/Communications
10489 Avenida Magnifica, San Diego, CA 92131
P: 858-547-1865   
Kim Merrill, Owner
Newspaper copywriting and production
Website: www.merrillmarcom.com
Email: kim@merrillmarcom.com
Milka Pejovic
Box 420491, San Diego, CA 92142
P: 619-261-2869   
Milka Pejovic, Marketing Communications Consultant
Direct mail copywriting and marketing communications, sales promotions, direct mail letters
Website: www.marketing-freelancer.com
Email: milka_pejovic@marketing-freelancer.com
Sara Mackenzie Creative
San Diego, CA 92160
P: 619-578-3179   
Sara Mackenzie
Boutique design studio specializing in graphic/web design and marketing for the wedding industry
Website: www.saramackenziecreative.com
Email: sara@saramackenziecreative.com
SmackLab Marketing and Social Media
San Diego, CA
P: 619-512-9224   
Jules Taggart, Chief Engagement Officer
Topic research, copywriting, interaction with subscribers
Website: www.smacklabmarketing.com
Email: smacklabmarketing@gmail.com
The Strong Word Communication Services
San Diego, CA 92193
P: 619-208-7202   
Anita Palmer, Owner
News and feature writing
Website: www.thestrongword.com
Email: akp623@gmail.com
Writing That Sizzles
San Diego, CA 92014
P: 208-440-8322   
Lindsay Woolman
Specializes in consumer and health & wellness blogs and articles
Website: www.writingthatsizzles.net
Email: lindsay@writingthatsizzles.net
Zazou Marketing
San Diego, CA
P: 800-397-7480   
Heather Holliday
"Boutique-style freelance writing services"
Website: www.zazoumarketing.com
Email: contact@zazoumarketing.com